Pioneer Cut Stock, Inc. is a family owned and operated secondary
wood products facility located in Central Oregon. We started in
1986 with one building and a small cut line. Over the years, we
have grown to occupy 15 acres and diversified  to 5 production
facilities enabling us to become a major supplier for premier
window and door manufacturers around  the world.

Pioneer Cut Stock, Inc. features solid, moulded, laminated and
fingerjointed products. Primary products are made from 5/4, 6/4,
and 8/4 Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine and Eastern White Pine.
Small volumes of Fir, Hemlock and Douglas Fir are produced.
Pioneer Cut Stock, Inc. inbounds an average of 23,000,000
board feet of lumber a year. We offer custom packaging and a
variety of shipping options.

Our belief in the intelligence and integrity of people is one of the
things that has made Pioneer Cut Stock, Inc. so successful. Our
company credo, *Pride in Quality - Pride in People,* means
exactly that. Integrity, honesty, team work - are all standards that
are incorporated into the daily operations. From the CEO to the
newest employee, these standards are affirmed to create the best
working environment possible. Our employees are all part of
self-directed teams that give them ownership and pride in what
they are doing.

Pioneer Cut Stock, Inc. has been clearly established as an
industry leader by being an award- winning company in the fields
of quality, delivery, and safety.

Pioneer Cut Stock, Inc. is involved with the community by
supporting many local and regional organizations and non-profit
charities. We are strong promoters of the Oregon OSHA SHARP
program and members of the Oregon SHARP Alliance.

Quality, Safety, and Production. Three keys to a successful
business. At Pioneer Cut Stock, Inc. these keys open many doors
of possibilities.
Our Mission
Pioneer Cut Stock, Inc. is a lumber
remanufacturing facility that
services premier wood window
manufacturers who demand quality
beyond industry standards, as well
as a highly responsive relationship.
We do this in a safe and pleasant
work environment where people
are treated with dignity and
enabled to take pride in where they
work and what they do.
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